Construction is in Full Swing

We’re transforming the historic County jail building into a functioning house for its next phase as a thriving public space—Abbott Square Market.

The infrastructure to handle eight separate uses is being installed, including moving interior fire exit stairs and electrical switch-gear, both dissecting the space, to the exterior of the building. Once this phase of the work is done, the two sections making up the first floor at 725 Front St. will be united and form one big market hall.
The bathrooms have already been completely redone and relocated. Rollup doors have been installed at two locations and will seamlessly blend the indoor space with the outdoor plaza for maximum enjoyment of our great California climate. Two stages have been designated for a variety of live acts, and a Secret Garden will soon be built for children and adults by our partners at MAH, to supply endless hours of enjoyment and wonderment.
If a glass of wine, pint of beer, or hand-crafted cocktail is on your agenda, you’ll be able to enjoy it strolling throughout the market hall, outside in the 10,000sf Abbott Square Plaza and also in and throughout the Museum of Art and History, for a truly unique, freeing and cultural experience!

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