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  • When will Abbott Square Market be open for business?

    The Market is now open! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @abbottsquaremkt to stay in the loop.

  • Where are you located?

    725 Front St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Covid-19 Hours of Operation - 6/12/2020 Edit*

    Main Building Vendors - 12-9 PM WED-SUN

    Pizzeria La Bufala

    Blue Bunny Tacos

    Veg on the Edge

    Front & Cooper Bar

    Belly Goat Burgers

    Octagon Establishments - 11:30-7:30 DAILY

    Daisuki Octagon Sushi

    Roux Dat Cajun Creole

    The Market is open Sun–Thu from 7am–10pm and Fri–Sat from 7am–12am.

    Each restaurant, retail location or other establishment is independently owned and operated and sets its own hours of operation. Learn more about our vendors here.

  • Should we clean our table once we have finished eating?

    Yes. We do expect each guest to buss their own table, but in the instances that guests do not we have a cleaning staff of Market Ambassadors that can be waived over to clean any table that previous guests did not buss themselves. Note: The Market Ambassadors are not restaurant staff so they are not tipped by the restaurants.

  • What is your music schedule?

    Check out our events for more details.

  • Do you take reservations?

    No. Our seating is first come, first served. It is possible to come early and “stake out” a table or two.

  • How late do you serve food?

    The majority of the restaurants close their shops at 9pm Sun-Thu; Fri-Sat at 11pm

  • How late do you serve alcohol?

    *Note: Please see Covid-19 updated hours

    We stop serving alcohol at 10pm Sun–Thu and 12am Fri-Sat.

  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Yes, the Abbott Square Market Managers (they are easy to spot in their bright yellow button up shirts) handle all of the lost and found items. Simply inquire with any of the managers about your lost item (any time after 10am) and they will be glad to assist you.

  • Are children always welcome at Abbott Square Market, or is there a time where they are not permitted?

    Yes. Children are welcome in the Market from open to close.

  • Can I bring in outside alcoholic beverages to consume inside the Market or on the patio areas?

    No. Unfortunately, due to our liquor license requirements, outside alcohol is not allowed. It is illegal to bring in and open alcoholic beverages which are not purchased on private property covered by an ABC license.

  • Can I bring my lunch from home or another location outside of Abbott Square Market?

    No. Special permission may be given, in advance, for birthday cakes. The Market offers a variety of great dining, event, and social options for almost everybody. Our large dining, plaza and café areas are shared and maintained by each of the individual restaurants and other establishments. Therefore, your patronage is the only way to continue to provide and maintain a clean, friendly, safe, and viable Market.

  • Can I bring my dog to the Market?

    Maybe. Due to the food-based nature of the Market, the Health Department does not allow dogs inside buildings unless they are service animals (service dogs and mini horses are approved by the Health Department). As an alternative, dogs are allowed on the Plaza and Sidewalk Café outdoor areas as long as they are not bothering other guests with their behavior, and are on a leash.

  • What is your policy on bicycles?

    Bicycles are not allowed in Abbott Square Plaza.

  • Can I smoke or vape inside the property or on the Plaza?

    Per City of Santa Cruz ordinance, smoking or vaping is not allowed anywhere within 25 feet of Abbott Square and its plazas.

  • Is there a dress code at Abbott Square Market?

    We ask that attire be appropriate and within the guidelines set by the Department of Environmental Health. Therefore, we do not allow bathing suits unless covered up by other clothing. Shirts and shoes are required as per the Department of Environmental Health.

  • Do you have a Happy Hour?

    Yes. Each location is independently owned, so it's up to each restaurant or bar if they want to offer Happy Hour. Several restaurants and bars do offer Happy Hour and information can be found on their individual websites as well as by visiting the locations. Learn more about our vendors here.

  • Can my kids play in the Plaza?

    Yes. As with any open-air environment, children are welcome to play. Please do not allow children to trample plants or climb into planters or bother other patrons. Active parental supervision is always appreciated!

  • Do you show UFC, Boxing, or other fighting sports?

    No. As some of the content is not acceptable for all viewing audiences, we do not show fighting on our televisions. In addition, we try to only show live sporting events. Since it is a Public Market we typically do not have the televisions on unless a live game is happening.